why recruit us ?

We possess stupendous potential when it comes to problem solving. Our students have made us proud by bagging top notch jobs in Amazon, Microsoft, IBM and other IT giants. Not only have our students made us proud with their placements but have time and again proved their mettle in competitive coding at the various coding platforms such as Codechef, Topcoder and HackerEarth showing they are among the best when it comes to programming skills in the country.

Strong Analytical Aptitude

A great engineer has excellent analytical skills and is continually examining things and thinking of ways to help things work better. In LNMIIT students are at par with the best in analytical skills and it can be seen through our performance in competitive exams like CAT and GRE.

excellent problem solving skills

We possess stupendous potential when it comes to problem solving. Our students have made us proud by bagging top notch jobs in giants of IT industries such as Amazon , Microsoft etcetera. Not only this but we are at par with the IIT students when it comes to coding at the various coding platforms such as codechef, topcoder etcetera.

Excellent Communication Skills

The refection of this quality in the students of LNMIIT can be witnessed as our students excelling in numerous number of debates and alike competitions. The Literary club at the LNMIIT is the live example of how much importance we give to communication skills and its development.

Team Players

The festivals of the college, Vivacity, Desportivos and Plinth which are organised at national level are solely initiated and managed by the students. Organising such fests demands a lot of dedication and team work and the grandeur of such events truly reflects the same.

Recruitment Procedure

  • Company / Organization sends JAF (Job Announcement Form) containing details of the job offer (pay package) by post or email to Placement Cell / Office, LNMIIT (placement@lnmiit.ac.in).

  • If the company / organization wishes to conduct a Pre-Placement Talk (PPT) they can sent a request along with the preferred dates.

  • The JAF is made available to the students, along with any other information furnished by company organization.

  • Interested students show their willingness to appear for the recruitment process of a company by signing its JAF.

  • Companies come to the campus on the dates they have filled in their JAFs and conduct tests and interviews according to their recruitment process.

Note: Placement Cell have to keep records of all the students placed along with record of their jobs. Companies are requested to help Placement Cell in this.

**The JAF gives the primary information about package and positions offered to students. Therefore it is highly desirable to include relevant company literature with more details about the company.

Our Recruiters

Placement Statistics

Batch 17


On-Campus Placements

Name of Company


Package Offered

Amazon 9 40K in internship followed by 27 LPA
Sprinklr India 4 20 LPA (1 Student)
12 LPA (3 Students)
Adobe India 1 20 LPA
Microsoft 7 25K in internship followed by 9.03 LPA
SLK Software 15 5.5-7.5 LPA
Zomato 2 8 LPA
Black N Green 2 6 LPA
Innovacer 10 5 LPA and 7 LPA
Kulija 2 7 LPA
Secure Meter 4 4 LPA
Tek Systems 3 6 LPA
Evive Health 2 18K internship followed by by 5.5 LPA
BuyHatke 2 10 LPA
1 MG 4 8 LPA
Samsung 18 30K internship followed by 8.82 LPA
Zycus 1 5.75 LPA
HPCL- Mittal Energy LTD (HMEL) 1 5.75 LPA
Stellarix Consulting 2 4 LPA
Voylla 6 4-4.5 LPA
Novanet Technologies 1 4.3 LPA
Thrillophilia 6 3.5-5.5 LPA
Mindtree 10 3.25 LPA
Info Object 7 3.25-5 LPA
Meditab 12 3.6 LPA
Appirio 2 4 LPA
Global Logic 10 4.5 LPA
Skilrock 4 18K internship followed by 3.6 LPA
Lucideus Tech 1 4 LPA
KPIT 9 3.25 LPA
Metacube Softwares 3 4-4.5 LPA
Nagarro Software 7 3.5 LPA
Exotel 1 4.6 LPA
Delhivery 3 6.5 LPA
Kritikal Solutions 1 5.75 LPA
Societe Generale 1 12.25 LPA
Events High (Njuta Technologies) 1 30K internship followed by 10.02 LPA
Culture Machine 1 9 LPA
Go Jek 1 12.1 LPA
Absentia virtual Reality 1 7.5 LPA
TravelJunkie solution Pvt Ltd (Ithaka) 1 10 LPA
Sysacs Technologies Pvt Ltd 1 15 LPA
Nielsen India 2 5.5 LPA
Squadrun 1 11 LPA
Bizongo 1 8 LPA
BOX 8 1 3.75 LPA
Head Out 1 4.5 LPA

6-month Internship

Name of Company

Number of students selected


(per month)
Formcept 1 15K
Tata Services Ltd 1 25K
Indix Internet India 1 20K
Synopsis India 1 25K
Gramener 1 12K
Delhivery 1 15K
Nikki.ai 1 12K
Mini Orange 1 25K
Moschip Semiconductor 1 15K
C-DOT 1 No Stipend
UBER 1 15K

Research Internship

Name of University

Number of students selected

West Virginia University 1
INIRA france 1
Singapore University of Technology and Design 1
IISC, Bangalore 1
National Ilan University (Taiwan) 1

Yearwise Placement Statistics