Different Clubs

The institute provides its students with opportunities for exploring and enhancing their talents not only in the technology but also in extracurricular activities. The academic programs are accordingly backed up with appropriate co-curricular and extra-curricular inputs promoting culture, sports, self-governance and values.
Various student clubs and committees are responsible for organising the extra-curricular activities that take place all year round. Each student body is headed by smart individuals who are ready to take the responsibilities of taking the clubs forward.

Science And Technology Council

The Science and Technology Council is a part of Student's Gymkhana which provides an opportunity and a platform for students to pursue their hobbies in the field of science, technology, management and literature.


A group of passionate and exuberant students working on promoting the Startup culture and a spirit of Entrepreneurship among the college students.

Astronomy Club

The club brings about an interest and awareness in the field of astronomy and space exploration.


A core team of computer science enthusiasts, which focuses on boosting the programming and software development culture at the university.

Debate Society

Aimed at broadening the mindset of its members as well as developing abilities such as speaking, debating and negotiating through participation in various MUNs around the globe.


The Club offers indispensable guidance, workshops and tutorials along with tools, equipments, components and workspace to develop in the field of robotics.


A better platform for the quiz enthusiasts who has the thirst for the knowledge and zeal to participate in quizzing.

Cultural Council

The Cultural Council also works under The Gymkhana and emphasizes on development of artistic and intellectual side of the students, providing them with a platform to pursue their passions and showcase their talents.

Aaveg, The Nukkad Mandli

A group of performance artists with keen interest in social activism, trying to generate public awareness about the society.

Capriccio, The Music Club

A community of music lovers who talk, jam, produce, recordand collaborate over musical ideas.

Eminence, The Fashion Club

By living up to every essence of fashion; be it the 'La Mode' outfits, eye-popping ideas or creative designs, these individuals believe that fashion isn’t superficial but comes from within.

Fundoo Club

A group of crazy beings who don’t let the distance matter. They actively organise events on festivals for students who are away from home.


A bunch of visual enthusiasts who have come together to teach, learn and practice the art of Photography and Filmmaking.

Insignia, The Dance Club

With a crew of talented individuals, they provide a platform to every budding dancer, to express his thoughts and emotions via his dance, giving it aesthetic and symbolic value.

Literary Committee

The club provides the literary enthusiasts a platform to enhance the literary skills and thus ignite a love for literature.

Media Cell

They are the eyes and ears of the campus. Every news goes through the scrutiny of these hyperactive individuals. They are a bunch of the best storytellers in town.

Rendition, The Dramatics Club

For them all world’s a stage, and all men and women merely players.They can make you weep, laugh, or make you ponder upon issues you have overlooked. Their motto is to fade the melancholy part of your life.

Sankalp Club

They are the organisers of compelling discussions that opens up one’s hearts and mind to rebuild one's character. They also implement them via social service, leaving a huge impact in the lives of the people involved.

Vignette, The Art Club

They are the people who roam around with random ideas and give them a shape, a colour, a form by drawing and painting. Everything’s a canvas and every stroke is a step towards a masterpiece.

Sports Council











Table Tennis